Portrait Course (open only in Spanish or English)


 In this course our students will reach a faithful approach to the model portrayed by a process of work very close to the naturalness of the elements that compose it: gesture , morphology, atmosphere , color, etc. . Automation and pictorial overview of the psychology of face elements that reinforce its expression from different plastic mink , developing stylistic variations in form, from impressionism, realism, photorealism , expressionism, etc. .


The main result in this course is to learn the understanding and application of the art of portraiture. Provide the student with  the necessary tools to be autonomous in the development of this technique , giving to the students work the trace of authorship.


First of all we will pay attention to “ lace” of the  shape, after to the lights and shadows , and then we will give the volume of  the interpretation through the color. The levels will go according to the challenge and experience of each one. We  can determine the portrait through the purification or the synthesis .


Duration:  40h, once a week 2h

Start: Tuesday or Thursday February 4, 2014 February 6, 2014

Hours:  to be defined (possibility Teacher:  Monday to Friday from 16 to 19h)

Aimed for  young people from  15 years and adults

Course Capacity: 5-10 students

Price: 4 500 CZK

Supplier:  Club México Cz

Maestro: Manuel Rodriguez Mendez




e-mail: info@clubmexico.cz
Web: http://www.clubmexico.cz/


created 23/11/2013